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(I think I'm in hiatus :D -- not sure.)
Hey guys! welcome to my Art Blog :)
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I'm very much into gajeel & levy; Currently obsessing over How to train your dragon & fairy tail and you can see my other interest in my tags list :)
<3 Feel free to ask or anything :) I don't bite.

working on sumtiiiiiiiiiiing :3

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got this from here

so if those guys lost kuroko.. these guys lost wendy XD :))

DEMMET. Lol she’s actually just with cobra outside of space mountain XD :))

I’ve noticed a lot of people making remakes of kuroko no baske with this picture so i decided to make an FT one :)))) —

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A banner for my cosplay page :3

and it’s from a song by 9 days which you can find here

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i was rewatching fairy tail XD <3

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I’ve recently watched Step up: all in with my babbu (he was pretty excited you see since he’s a dancer and idk, he loves the franchise and i do like it too :3) U//v//U and well.. it inspired me to ART.. and after doing all this, all i can say is that.. DANCERS HAVE BEAUTIFUL SENSE OF FASHION <3

i love their fashion i just swear it.. it’s amaze balls XD :3

Tho i made a really simple one for levy >v< .. It makes them girls look so sexy nonetheless.. but for the guys.. the sexiest kind of dancer is the TOPLESS ONE 8D <3

ahue. anyways, yeah :3 it’s like.. “getting ready to practice dancing but wait i feel lik stripping you first” kind of face that gajeel’s wearing XD :3 … eve

ahue. It’s been a while since i made a pic like this with a background but yeah XD :3

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I made a layout of the colored versions of the clothes for the characters that showed up in chapter one of my comic :D

That random story

I did one for Lucy, Levy and wendy since they’re the ladies that mostly got exposure :D :3 —

I didn’t make a layout for mira cos she was just wearing her usual purple clothes :3

Anyways; this is part 1 of the extras, i’ll make a layout of the rooms that you guys have seen so far :D Thanks for tuning in!

Btw, The shirt Levy’s wearing is an Anarchy shirt, the text behind it is from this song called D CITY ROCK from Panty and Stocking :3

yes Levy is a fan of PSG, and I’d like to think gajeel is a big fan of anything from trigger/Gainax :)) (yes this is my headcanon.. I don’t know where it came from)

PS: I really love putting wendy in pink themed clothing cos cutie ;3;

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Basically a doujin (?) of Gajeel & Levy :3 

Setting: Modern Time AU— where in Lucy owns an aparment — formerly known as the Heartfilia residences. (more of the character background of the others will be unveiled as the story goes on)

Ships: Gajevy, Nalu, Gruvia, (hints of) Jerza, ElfEver, (hint of) LaxusXMira

I figured it would be nice if lucy does the intro because she’s the one who’ll be seeing most of the action :) —- and oh, the chapter titles will be based on songs since i actually got the inspiration to make this story cos of a well set up playlist that i played on my phone. The jig made such a cool tune and made a sensical story so— why not! <3 :)

  • Prologue - here
  • Chapter 1 - Part 1 (here) Part 2 (here) Part 3 (here) Part 4 (here) Part 5 (you’re here)


Well this is more of a wendy & levy thing :3 she’s an aodrable little bugger; I decided to give her at least small screen time in this chapter :D plus it’s a great way for levy to catch on to what Lucy was talking about earlier with the “don’t call the siblings dragneel; just natsu” thing :3

So yeah— They have different last names.. why is that? .. Well that’s a secret :>

Anyways, I was able to post this chapter early on and I’ve been getting brilliant ideas for this comic :D I’m pretty pumped with this so don’t worry guys^^ I’l keep working on it :)

This btw is the end of chapter 1. Chapter 2 will arrive probably next week since I’m still drafting the ending :3 And school work is slowly getting in the way ;A; OTL

Please be patient and thank you so much for tuning in :)

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AHHHHHH! I adore the story line you've put together already im so exited to read the rest!! When is it going to be updated next??

Awww! Thanks so much! I’m really glad you liked the flow of the story so far! XD

Anyways; I have the last part of chapter 1 right now and I’m planning on doing a clear line-art later along with paneling already after school so please expect it around Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning :)

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